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About Yellowdog Woodworks

The original "Yellowdog" was McKenzie (2000-2013). She was the greatest and most faithful of all shop dogs...often falling asleep between my legs as I ran board after board across the table saw. Running a table saw while straddling a 60 lb mutt was probably not the safest thing I ever did, but the mat I had bought to cushion my own feet against the concrete became her favorite spot.

photo aug 21, 7 29 00 am.jpg

I began building custom furniture and cabinets for clients, friends, and family in my spare time around 2000. 

My original interest in woodworking traces back to my Dad's love of tools. Too busy being a Boy Scout leader and working with our church and civic groups, he actually had little time to do much woodworking. But he always encouraged me to pursue my own interests, and even let me do a number of handyman projects around our own home.

My next key influence was the thirty-minute doses of Norm Abram's New Yankee Workshop I consumed over many, many Saturdays. I still own several of his books, and my current workbench is the one I built using Norm's plan over twenty years ago.

But more than Norm, his books, or the many other books I have read on the subject, my greatest source of woodworking knowledge has been one man - master craftsman John Leake. 

John is the owner of Leake Furniture Makers in York SC and a master at Federal style furniture reproductions, as well as any other style that suits his clients. John's skill is matched only by his incredible generosity and willingness to share his knowledge and experience. I have been privileged to listen to many of his project presentations with the local woodworkers club. A number of times I have reached out to John and his equally-gifted son Jay to answer a mid-project question or solve a problem.

One final source of inspiration has been my wonderful clientele. My favorite projects begin with a rough sketch or vague wish-list of features. Together, we come up with a concrete plan that perfectly fits the client's taste, space and needs.

So please bring me your idea, or a sketch, or a Pinterest pic, or whatever! Together we will design exactly what you need.

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